Become the Masterpiece You Already Are


I love this acknowledgement that I am already 100% perfect and therefore 100% loveable, acceptable, worthy, and whole no matter where my thoughts are, what mistakes I’m making, or what state of mess I’m in.  This perfect self is my truest, highest self and she is with me always and come through occasionally when the clouds of my fear, resentments, etc.  that obscure her light drift away.

But seeing myself as perfect does not exempt me from doing the work I want to do, which is the work of clearing those clouds so that she may come through more frequently and stay with me for longer periods of time when she does.

And thinking that I’m a mess instead of a masterpiece is just another cloud that obscures the light and presence of my own best self, so it is imperative that I see myself as a masterpiece so I can become one, and it is also imperative that I see myself as a work in progress.  Without both, I can never become the best person I can be.

Finally, for today, may I remember that each of my daughters is also a masterpiece (I too often only think of them as works in progress), knowing that this belief, which they could internalize as their own, will help them become the best people they can be too.


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