Surrender Box


Earlier this year a friend told me about her “God Box” and I made my own by taking a shoe box and cutting a slot into its lid.  Now, when I have a question but no answer or a problem but no solution, I write it on a slip of paper, fold it twice, and drop it into this.

For me, this is a humble yet powerful act.  By myself I am powerless both in what I know and what I can do, but when I surrender a concern through this box, I know that I am connecting to a power greater than myself that will support me and guide me to do what I cannot do alone.

When I put notes into this box, I am not just turning over questions or problem; I am also giving away the feelings (like fear, anger, self-pity, uncertainty, etc.) that I associate with them.  Handing over all of this leaves me empty-handed, and this emptiness, to me, feels like peace.  When I feel at peace, I am better able to hear wisdom’s whisper and act on its words, so I not only feel better, but I take better actions.

Sometimes the peace I feel fades as I take back what I had earlier surrendered.   When this happens, I remind myself that this is no longer my concern, and I let the thoughts and feelings go.  And if that doesn’t work, I write a new note and put it into the box.  I may need to do this hour after hour, day after day.  Often, though, just once is enough.

Eventually the box gets filled to the brim and it’s time to thin the pile to create room for more notes.  I did this yesterday by unfolding some of the notes, reading what I had written, and putting off to the side those that were no longer concerns.  Within minutes I had a stunning mound of paper.   Concerns that had felt insurmountable and menacing now seemed quaint and harmless.

Things really do work out.

As I read in a Facebook post recently, “Everything will be okay in the end.  If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”  (anonymous)

The important question to ask is what kind of journey do I want to have as I travel to the end?  In my experience, no matter what is happening in my life, I can be at peace and have a peaceful journey, and in this state of peace I can better hear the guidance I need to get me to the end in the best way possible.


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